Friday, March 02, 2012

DGD 112

Last day of class, been teaching them the whole semester for Applied Design Subject. Couldn't believe it the time flies super fast. I wish them all the very best. Each of them have a a very special spot in my heart. They are all good students with full of potential. As a lecturer I try to push them so they could discover their own potential. I feel proud to look at their tremendous progress:)
with Dennis
All of them; 4 missing
Tan tan, Elaine & Gan
Philip & Shelly
We went for a short field trip at nearby Royal Selangor. 
Nice place with charming environment and inspiration.

Pretty sad to say good bye to all of them. Yup.. we might bump into each other but in different environment. Isn't that what life all about? This is like a chapter I went through and definitely chapter that full of sweet memory, meaningful chapter where I be able to share knowledge and experience with future designers. Satisfaction that couldn't be explained through words.

I definitely will miss them :) //syam

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Emi Kaz said...

wah little syam nampak muda la dlm gambar...