Friday, March 09, 2012

Hello There:)

My Red S arrived today..yeaaayyyy... I wanted to have my big S alphabet for so long, until I found Miracle Watt through Rom, from outdated/Re Store...yeaaay, very efficient and fast. 

I've been a bit down last few days...My purse got stolen:) I don't really care about cash I had but the fact I have to block all my credit cards, renew all bank cards, unnecessary waiting time that I need to spend, time I barely had..the most important thing was my identity card and driving license, and Syamil new identity card I kept in my purse too.

Suddenly all the frustration just hit me at one go, all the other disappointment exploded with this incident as a peak. After numerous phone calls, things becomes clear again to me. I even blocked everything which includes my Facebook. The feeling of being disconnected suddenly became so overwhelming. 

I know it kind of unreasonable, but the incident kind of shake me a bit, looking through everything from the bird eyes seems that I need to do some spring cleaning in my life.

I should make my life less complicated and face book is one of them. To set my priority right is my major goal at this moment.

Yes I deleted few names, still deleting, will keep my personal face book more private...but you can still say hi, through my LittleSyam Facebook page. I had few responses, asking why I disappeared out of sudden...duhhhh, obviously I do not think straight at that moment, but not something that I regret,  the incident make me see certain things clearer:)

Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly? Frida Kahlo

I have not finish my story yet; besides asking myself why this incident happened, someone, one really kind human being returned my purse at the same night. All my bank cards, credit cards, driving license and identity card was all there:) Yup my cash all gone... I am so grateful, I am indeed such a lucky person.....:) //syam

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