Saturday, March 17, 2012

I am back

At this moment I am laying down on bed in very awkward position writing down this post. Had my laptop today, being hijacked by Lina, I owe her a lot for taking over my job while I am getting really sick... I know I can rest peacefully and she has done a wonderful job...TQ Lina darlinggggg.

I just discharged from hospital yesterday after admitted last Sunday due to cyst infection, surgery need to be done immediately on Monday. Waiting for my agreement, there are no way to avoid surgery, Dr Micheal slot me to be operated at 6.00pm.

It was such a scary moment when my cyst measured 4.7cm have been ruptured, twisted and infected on my right ovary. My tube need to be removed, as well as part of my right ovary and then to be reconstructed, beyond what I can imagine.

Everything seems still pretty clear to me when they've pushed my bed to operation theater which was really cold with surgeon getting ready with equipment, being induced, given oxygen, and knocked off and only conscious after 3 hours later. That  was such a scariest experience ever.

With MC for two months, I will slowdown and take thing easy. I am sure will bored to dead..I am not someone that stay put at one place. But my health is my top priority at this moment. I've cancelled lots of commitment for March - all bazaar -FUYOH, AFG & Wonder Women Day and only be back by midst April.

To found this from Paul make me grin from ear to ear today.



Asma’ AB said...

kak syam, asma' here your bookbinding student. hope you get well soon! will pray for you my great teacher *hugs*

Little Syam said...

thank as, it was just out of sudden, hope to recover soon.... maybe the right time to think and rest:) hugssss