Tuesday, February 07, 2012

New Artwork

Freshly made.... latest silkscreen artwork on wooden based cutting mat, with clear acrylic varnish finishing. This 2 artworks available at my friend's shop at Omg! - Oh My Grocery, Handmade Zakka & Creative Hub in Poco Homemade Bangsar, OPENING SOON on 10.2.2012.


House kind of mess at this moment with drilling and hacking on porch side...I hate renovation, but we do need fence and neat tiles for the porch. Mr hubby are contributing money, so I don't have much say on the outcome. We both are so individual, when he talks is when I should keep quite. Will give a bit of trust on his judgement, while I have so much things in my plate at this moment .
So we will wait and see...

Few plants has been thrown away and that make me a bit sad:( I reluctant to throw it because each of them have a soft spot in my heart and green always keep my creativity afloat. Siggghhh tutup sebelah mata:(

I am excited too to see the final result from my Applied Design's class. Going to have internal presentation on Thursday, the peak of what I've been teaching them and to see the result from what they've learnt. Will capture pictures during the presentation and their final brand identity products. I can't tell how much I am proud of each of them.

Going to be a busy week as always...Have a great week folks///syam

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