Monday, February 13, 2012

Applied Design at Dasein

I am so nervous looking at their presentation until I forgot to capture some of the work. It takes me 4 days to digest, rewind back, strolling back at presentation day.As an overall, I am so proud of them, to look at the progress that they've made, squeezing time to finish up all the task. 
Philip's work
Ah Dou presentation 
Ah Dou artwork 
Fin's artwork
I’ve learnt that two people can look at the exact same thing but absorb it differently. Same brief but different individual will approach it their own way. I hope they've  learnt to become more independent, be able to defend their design concept based on knowledge and research they had been through. 
Dennis' artwork
Deep in my heart I hope they all will do well, pass with flying color. The progress the made was so different from one to another. The most important thing is they had tried their very best, to push the ability beyond boundary. 

My beloved students
As a designer it was easy to become an average. But there are no shortcut to become great either. Such a long process, and this only the beginning, so much thing they could offer the world as long as they are willing to keep learning and to improve. Recognise own potential, weaknesses and strength. 

I definitely will miss them deeply once the semester over:( ///syam

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