Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Corporate Job

Went through old portfolio, looking back it was such an amazing experience that I've survived corporate world. I am glad I had opportunity to try out various jobs from advertising agency, theme park, corporate & government.

I missed friends I left and the breath taking view looking down KLCC Park from 70th floor, PETRONAS Twins Tower... but that's about it. I left without any regret, corporate world just a stop in my life journey. I am glad I've been there but I am belongs to where I am now:)

This brochure was designed conjunction with the  MLNG 25th Anniversary of 1st Cargo in  Japan.
Working with Beatrice Lye, the copywriter was such a wonderful experience, She writes beautiful things.
The Title says: What Does It Take...
What does it take to soar to greater height together?
What does it take to comprehend what people want and need?
What does it take to laugh and cry with each other?
What does it take to foster lasting friendships?
What does it take to stay loyal to each other?
What does it take to move ahead?

Full with big picture by Jeffrey Lim, the photographer

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