Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Day

Hello all.
It was such a wonderful day for me, small little things that make me very happy. Got an opportunity to do a small prop for a TV commercial; a doll, I used to do prop; a leather handbook for them long time ago, now they call me again.  Time is pretty tight for production but it going to be such a wonderful experience.

Received an email from a magazine to feature my book binding workshop for their April issue yeaaayyyy:) 

Another order from California for Our Adventure book ready for production and to be delivered next week too.

I am looking forwards for a Wonder Women Day end of month. I will participate in their charity bazaar at Zouk KL on 31st March. So be there:) Shop while contribute for a good caused. Me, Lina, Gigi & Emi going to be there.

Yesss it was such a happy day to me...
Syukur //syam

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