Monday, December 27, 2010

Hello 2011:)

I am in a mood of recharging myself for new year...I supposed my sore eye is a hint for me to take a break to rethink what am I going to do next...Still doing my list of thingy need to be achieved for next year, even I know i usually will  follow what life bring me into..and it was better that way than stress my self not be able to achieve it...

It's been 7 months since I quitted my job...I've been telling myself 2010 going to be time to adjust myself to my new life of being a home based working mom. And 2011 going to be a year that I should look at thing a bit serious from financial & business aspect. So far 2010, the duration "not working" day was such a blessed with support that I got from previous client that constantly given me job, in order for me to survive..

My book binding workshop has given me a new perspective that I should seriously doing it at least once a month... and art and craft has given me so much pleasure, participating in bazaar, get to know great people, make a up my self to the new idea and I still learning to perfect my craft. The ride so far has gave me the satisfaction that I never felt before and I am ready for more excitement....

WHAT MORE DO I NEED? Rather than being so blessed. InsyaAllah things will go smooth...I am very positive about long as health permit me to share and being able to produce my creative thingy..

“To grow is to go beyond what you are today.
stand up as yourself.
do not imitate.
Do not pretend to have achieved your goal, and do not try to cut corners.
Just try to grow.”


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