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Art for Grabs

It's my first time participating in Art for Grabs...It was just awesome..I like it very much with friendly people that doing art and nice loft type of ambience. I definitely want to join the next time...I feel motivated when people give an encouraging feedback and thanks  to buyer that keep coming back supporting my products, Eu Geen and her sweet friend ( which I forgot her name, I am getting older, and worst in remembering people name...) I truly appreciate your support.

left: Talented manja with illustration I purchased for only RM35..
right: 3 hot makchick posing mau

our corner

final look of love birds & dua tiga kucing berlari

Here are some photo I would like to share. More photo to upload tomorrow.. and YES I love my new Nikon D3000...

Today are just as nice as yesterday, meet up with nice interesting people ....potential students, potential future collaboration. If ever I have to choose whether to earn RM100 out of what I am doing now or earning RM10,000 designing just one logo and working with client..I rather to be insane by taking the RM100 and be happy. 

It was interesting to see how people react to my products....wondering if I hit the right target audience by doing something that I like and client love it at the same time. The concept of being a commercial designer is still the same but some how the feeling is so REAL this time. Use lots of instinct and feel motivated when my gut feeling is rarely let me down.. This is a new learning curve, and I enjoy every bit of it. The energy was just amazing:)

sequel painting

some part of the corner

beautiful nature while walking from Dayabumi car park to Anexxe Gallery

At the end of the day I would like to thanks Allah, I feel so bless:)

Yessssssssss I choose to be happy:)


Evelin said…
girl, you blog quick!!! I was just thinking of blogging mine... LOL!

Great write up! :) And yes, I rather choose the RM100 than the RM 10K too...yes, I'm insane as well :P Happiness is priceless!
Little Syam said…
Dear Eve,

Ha ha welcome to insane club:)
Anonymous said…
sham betoi tu thats why i chose not to work here..... insane but not insane enough.......... last weekend my gal n i joined the kids market here. quite good as the coouncil very encourage the kids to make money. sold thgs made of polymer clay....


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