Friday, December 31, 2010

Hoping Only the Best:)

How time flies, another year are coming, time are chasing me like nobody business...I hope 2011 will bring only the best in me...will take thing slowly but steady. I  hope to accomplish 10 things for this coming year:
  1. Renovation for home studio in progress
  2. Travel 2-3 times I really hope I could make a trip to NZ..
  3. To be a better person than I am now physically & spiritually
  4. Lose weight 55kg will be my ideal weight so I need to eat only healthy food & exercise
  5. My own show? maybe too much
  6. Solid creations of art, craft & design
  7. Be able to visit my mom&dad every month
  8. Be good to earth recycle & reuse & no plastic
  9. Be happy
  10. ? I still can't figure it out..not yet
Simple thing does matter to me at this moment...I won't ask for more...

Today was Arissa first day at school, she had I make myself busy by waiting for her, and I feel that kid nowadays are so much independent..No crying all of them and here I would like to share pictures of her at school. She decided to wear tudung, so I bought her a few so she could wearing it to school. 

Renovation Day 3
Renovation continued as usual. I have to get used with drilling sound..and soon all my sampah sarap need to be moved to living room. Need to break the the digging....

I have a number of thing queue need my attention:
  • Order made by follow up visitor from 1nita carnival wanted purple pink Giant Kitty Cat, going to be present from someone to someone (deadline 3 January)
  • Consignment order from Penang and that will make me very very very busy.
  • Illustration job for children book also need my attention, but no deadline for this so I will have to make a research first (collaboration with my writer friend Beatrice). 
  • January I hope to have one book binding workshop where I still looking for a suitable venue, which most probably going to be at Bangsar..I won't be able to announce the venue and date stay tune ya..
  • I most probably will participate in a bazaar at Great Eastern Mall next weekend 9&8 January under the theme of Secret Garden..
  • Just finished my presentation document that I design for my doctor client, waiting his green light to produce final doc.
  • At the mean time I almost finish my graphic job, a note book cum planner for my Terengganu client.
  • Planner for Glam Street need to redo..Client wanted the harder cover..I am waiting for my metal ring, my supplier friend just came back from Singapore.
Seems like a good starting of 2011 for me..but definitely this lists will make me super duper busy ....ohhh another thing I really need to prioritise thing nicely:) And I am not so good at it and will always do thing by follow the flow. And that's the beauty of working on my own:)

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