Monday, December 13, 2010


Enough rest for the day..I had a long nap in the afternoon after spring cleaning whole house and prepared a lunch for the family. Arissa getting better compare to the day before. I am not sleeping properly lately taking care of her at night due to her sickness... and yes it is not easy to become a super mom. Things are change drastically after I quit my job. My maid gone back for good, and I have to take over with all house work..and only doing my design job and craft late afternoon or at night time. Squeezing time to blog...phewwww...Salute to all housewives, they are all deserve a noble award, for a never ending job, with not much appreciation and no salary. I am not complaining but yes it needs lot of patience and passion...
Planer & journal for glam in progress
I am now move on preparing myself for 1nita interview video shooting tomorrow, 2011 planner(1) and journals(3) for Glam Street deadline 20th Dec in the making, products for showcase 1nita Carnival at KL Convention Centre 21-22 Dec, since I am out of stock, thanks to all buyer of Little Syam products at Art for Grabs:) 

...I can't wait to take a break heading south Negeri Sembilan then Johor Bharu from 23-27 Dec and maybe if I have time I would like to spent overnight in Melaka strolling down at Jonker Walk before come back to my routine life in KL, will see:)..till then take care..xoxo

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