Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop at Fabric Fanatics

25&26 JANUARY 2014

My first workshop for 2014.. Not many people but I am happy to be able to remember everyone name:) I can never thank enough for continuos support from everyone. Kelly and Michelle from Fabric Fanatic such a wonderful host, I love their space and the material she sell are so crazy…Never fail to spend on fabric and material there:)

25 January~Kettle Stitch Slot
Rafiq & Hui Wen
Mei, Linda & Shu Wen
Group photo 
The final book from them:)

25 January~Coptic Stitch Slot

Mei, Pojoo& Jasmin

26 January~French Stitch Slot

Ziela looks so serious:)
Ziela, Yati & Shu Wen

26 January~Long Stitch Slot


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