Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Busy Day

JANUARY 18, 2014
I had my first children workshop at Eco Park for their kid's club. Taught them a simple note book with silkscreen method apply on the cover. It was like going out from KL for half a day once a month to teach all this kid art & craft. 

I had such a wonderful moment looking at their face eagerly ready to learn and explore.
I like working with my client; easy, very supportive and trust on what I wanna teach.

My workshop not  going to be a typical drawing class, but I will teach a different modules every month, where I hope the kid will gain a skill and think out of the box.  Creativity to be applied on the functional art. 

I am grateful for the opportunity given:) Something that I am looking forward every month. Definitely going to have lots of fun too:)

JANUARY 22. 2014

Went up again to Penang to replenish more stuff, I am so happy to stock more of my products since I had so little stock on the earlier set up. I managed to create more books, notebook, keychain, bring more painting and dolls:) Took a train ride to Ipoh, and Lina will drive us all from there.

I almost being left when I reached KL Sentral right on the dot. Phewwww… I normally will use STAR to KL Sentral but hubby decided to sent me that day due to big luggage that I need to carry with me. Taking a STAR LRT ride with big luggage maybe not a good idea by looking at the peak hour and amount of people are heading to work.

Unfortunately the traffic was bad that day and hubby was driving like a FI driver. Phewww my heart never beat this fast before:) Real adrenaline rush:) But I managed to reach 2 minutes before the train took off, running quickly to platform with luggage in my hand seems so adventurous.

 We slept at Lina's home, had a nice lunch at Burps & Giggles in Ipoh,
nasi lemak and went back the next day

Baby Rey sayang:)
beautiful seed:)


HK Choo said...

Hi...any chance of conducting your course(S) in Penang? Thanks!

HK Choo said...

Hi...any chance of conducting your course(S) in Penang? Thanks!

Little Syam said...

I am planning to do one in Penang, for quite sometimes. Really hope it will materialise this year. I found the venue, waiting for a green light. Hopefully soon:)