Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hello there:)

I just hate the weather…It was so hot and I feel like to escape to somewhere chill. Phewwww…
Looking at my schedule this year, seems like I am not going anywhere for a long break.. and see if my hard work & effort this year could bring me for another long break again next year.

It was such a very interesting year to begin with.. and time definitely flies too fast.. and now February are nearly came to the end.

I enjoy and looking forward for every single workshop here in Setia Eco Park. I feel so excited to implement my proposal module. I do have organised workshop for kids before, but this is more extensive and the fact that client trust me completely and I have freedom to conduct my way is what please me most.

He just so adorable:)
February Workshop, Love keychain for Velantine:)
Hey I can remember their name, Carlos & Claudia.
They had attended the workshop for the continous 2 months:)
I have quite a few of new faces too:)
Sample for March Workshop:)
This is for March workshop. Decoupage frame..and I am so looking forward:) 

Farah, Aliza & Roslina
I had my February Book Binding Workshop at Emi Kaz..not many attendance but I am so happy to get to know each of them…We had a great session that full of laughter:)

Had our once every two month meet up with Eugene & Hui Ling…
Had a wonderful dinner of roti jala, and finish it over coffee & cake at Great Eastern Mall

Going to take photo of few books I managed to complete.
 Will be up for sale soon..

It's been a while since my last Pasar malam.. I found new vendor selling sengkuang calit.
More reason to go every week. The taste just unbelievable:) 
Looking at this every single day make me so happy:)
I received last minute order, 40 notebooks for one of BIG Group restaurant/cafe launching:)
I managed to do it in one day… yeayyyy

May the day after will full with many great memories. My life is like an open book where I don't really plan things accordingly. I grab opportunities that pass by or sometimes I just let go when my heart said I shouldn't even how profitable it was. I feel so content now to know that I made my own choice. 
I answer for my own failure and success, and there are no regret at all:)

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