Friday, January 18, 2013

Random Instagram

I write quite a few words nowadays… been busy as always. We normally take turn to take care of the shop. It going to be my turn next week, and we normally will have 2 weeks break in between. 

Time I normally use to create new products, replenish art and craft, doing bit of graphic job and replacing time spending quality time with family. But previous two week kind of bit hectic due to water shortage. With loads of washing and cleaning need to be done, thing becoming too difficult. I am glad they had overcome the situation, considering water as a vital thing in life. Gosh how did this happened?

I like this shop, where all races sitting in one table , eating together…selling rojak, drink, and nasi campur, completely owned by 3 different races…You can hear different language one time like a very harmonious song, completely different but a perfect tune…

 Coptic detailing

 Finding time cooking for family - Roasted Potato with Herb

Fettucine Seafood

Repeat menu but this time with Sweet Kumara

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