Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Syam Book Binding Workshop 23 Jan ~ 26 Jan

Weekday can be quite lonely at Art Row with unexpected visitor coming in. I had great Monday which I never expected sale can be quite good. Had little visitors but quality one:) and it was always wonderful to be able to explain the process and how passionate we are doing every single item.

I decided to have 1-3 students each day during my duty. The schedule up a bit late but I am excited looking at the feedback. Heeee I will have company, so I am not going to be alone this week from Wednesday to Saturday. Each slot are decided by whose make a booking first and I only accept small group so I could take care of the shop at the same time.. Kind of manageable for me.

The seat are limited to max 3 students only.

23 Jan/Wed:
Slot A / Japanese Stitch (2 more seats left)
Slot B / French Stitch (2 more seats left)

(having a last minute request and this info was not printed on the poster)

24 Jan/Thursday:
Slot A / Coptic Stitch (2 more seats left)
Slot B / Long Stitch (2 more seats left)

25 Jan/Friday:
Slot A / Coptic Stitch (FULL)
Slot B / Kettle Stitch (1 more seat left)

26 Jan/Saturday:
Slot A / Coptic Stitch (1 more seat left)
Slot B / French Stitch (FULL)

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