Monday, January 07, 2013

Hello There

Looking at small detail, like a pause that give me ultimate solace, 
even the quietness of night can't gave:)

It's been a while since I update my blog. I am busy adjusting my life, having real adrenaline rush and exciting ride on roller coaster. It was wonderful journey so far since the opening of the shop. I never been working this hard but the feeling was so great. It was like a last chance and I have to make sure it works just fine.

Doing handmade stuff was really challenging, I am working non stop trying to restock as much. I was lucky having Gigi Gee and Oh&Ah under the roof of LAPAN. We take turn to take care of the shop..and time flies super fast and now we almost one month being a resident of Art Row. The traffic was quite low on certain time, and picking up during weekends. It was truly an exciting journey to me.

Having strangers giving compliment, followers & students that came giving support and friends pop by saying hello, was such a huge encouragement. I am on the midst making new stuff…my brain was loaded with 1001 project, and how I wish I have more than 2 hands, and one day have more than 24 hours…

Ruby Wong 

Serene from Johor 

Having coptic Stitch Slot with Siti Sofia 

With Alice 

With Fazlyn 

Serene's master piece

I had my break this few days and coming back to LAPAN on Friday, Saturday & Sunday for a workshop. This two weeks not really a break to me after all, but being away for while having my productive time producing, thinking and recharging before my turn on the following two weeks. Not forgetting spending quality time with love one:)

take care peeps//syam

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