Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Small Pause & reTreat

Had a wonderful weekends, taking a short trip to Ipoh, visiting my good friend Lina. Wanted to go to Ipoh for a long time, but this trip is a MUST. Lina had a baby and I had to visit her just to spot check if she doing ok.

beautiful cripple

It’s Perfectly Alright for Girls to “Burp” & Guys to “Giggle” …

Having such wonderful dessert..yumm
All details that captured my eyes
Lina & Arissa
It’s Perfectly Alright for Girls to “Burp” & Guys to “Giggle” …

It was such a tight time but we did managed went to Ipoh town. Brought along Arissa, Syamil & Shasha, we went through few adventure and I love Ipoh, I adore the small town and the mysterious with full of surprises.

Had a wonderful dessert session at Burps & Giggles, paid a visit to Boutique Hotel, Sekeping Kongheng, checked out Little India and dropped by at Pasar Karat before went back to KL.

I hope be able to come back again. I am glad Lina had managed her new life well, looks like more than prepared...

This small break will be my last break. Going to work very hard for the following month till the opening of my shop with other 3 crafters this coming December in Art Row, Publika. I am excited and pretty sure the journey that I will had from now on will be full of exciting adrenaline rush & roller coaster. I am being very optimistic and really excited...looking at all possible way how life will lead me to.

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