Friday, October 05, 2012

Random Instagram

Completed another Our Adventure Book, Etsy order from USA, to be delivered on Monday.
Waiting for cover.

I am starting on the silkscreen project for long delay; a custom order from friend.
This is only one layer of it.

The illustration of hand paint by an artist from Thailand. 
Drawn on recycled wood does gave such serene feeling:)

Amigurumi squid from Pi Chuey, she was so good at chrochet, aren't this adorable?
and the vintage picture that I bought long time ago.

Some of my favourite; the cannister from Mooncakes Festival..
I am so crazy collecting quite number of the tins. 

I have load of bits & pieces that sometimes I do not know how to manage. 

Bits & Pieces from all over the place 

Kopi for energy booster

Look at all precious rubbish. I desperately need a cabinet :)

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Lady Windsor said...

I sware, I like all those element!