Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy Monday:)

Happy monday all:) I am having my honey lemon while trying to reflect, going through some list to do, decided what to do next. Being blessed to be able to enjoy my Monday morning and recovering from hectic, I desperately need time to recharge after the trip to Terengganu and Fuyoh Art Bazaar.

Such beautiful scene at Terenganu during sunrise:)
Reason why we rush down to Terengganu. Attending a wedding of close friend - Keng. 
Display at Fuyoh Art Bazaar
Look at who dropby at FAB, what a pleasant surprise visit from old friend, Zaklean

Thankssss to all who dropped by at Fuyoh Art Bazaar yesterday, many unexpected person turned up..yeayyy and the most important thing a good friends, that always come regularly whenever me and Gigi & Emi participate in Bazaar...came all the way to give support to us and our local art scene. Eu Geen, Hui Ling I can never stop being thankful to both of them...hardly fail to visit us.

TQ to all who purchased LittleSyam products yesterday and some spending time dropping by to say hi, it does mean a lot to me too:)

Spying a shop lot at Art Row, Publika. Me and few crafter friend will joining them this December 10. 
Wood Carving at Tea Shop at Petaling Street.
Happy Mid Autumn Festival:)

Such great moment & fun as always whenever been surrounded by all creative people, striving & earning a decent living by passionately doing art & craft. Alhamdullilah:)

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