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What a Great Day

I had a wonderful time at LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop yesterday. I did not realized how time flies.

I am too busy, and we don't even have group photo taken....adoooiiii:(

The workshop quite pack yesterday, since I don't have experience held workshop at the Lollipop House, I might estimated wrongly on the number that can fit into the space:P...I prefer to have more space to breath but we did managed to squeeze everyone in...phewwww. Chris and me had turned down many applications. I am enjoying every second of it and I hope each student feel that too. Chris such a good host, and I had a fulfilling session spreading the skill to all the lovely people.

complimentary, pouch bag from Chris...:)

Eita had assisted me throughout the workshop, and I am so grateful to have her around..And I ordered a yummy vege and chicken pie from her for the book binding session too...

Till we meet again folks:) luv //syam


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