Monday, April 09, 2012

Happy Monday

Life almost back to normal.. kind of feel it going to get busy as it used to be before but this time I raise by having a better perspective looking at things. I gained my strength even though not fully... I love the way how we could turn all the pain to become greater. How through difficult time can make us stronger..and how I appreciate life differently than I used to be before.

Small little up and down, that definitely will add spices to my life chapter...and now I move on to new chapter. Amin:)

Work in Progress:) To be sent to Colorado real soon..

Playing around with material..for corporate gift proposal.
Meeting with client tomorrow..Wish me luck:)
This week gonna be busy with meeting, commission jobs to be delivered and teaching. I will have a new batch of students for my applied design class this Thursday.. and going to have a few more classes from batch 02. Thought of taking a break from teaching but I need to fulfill what responsibility has been laid down to me and I am sure it going to be a nice ride, interesting journey sharing as much knowledge and inspiring, equip them to become a better designer, open up and make them look at thing differently. That what interesting about teaching this young people.

I will have LittleSyam book binding workshop this weekend. I am so looking forward to meet with new participant. Three familiar faces from my last workshop will join too for a different slot.  I apologize to have turned down many application. Chris and me try to accommodate as much, but we would like the space to be as comfortable as we could to everyone.

I wish all of you to have a great week....I am sure will do.

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