Thursday, April 26, 2012

LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop 17

I had a great day yesterday...Had workshop at my home attended by 6 students for morning slot and 8 for afternoon, mostly taking morning slot earlier. It was like inviting guest to my little home.
Top Hoiyan in action
Bottom; group photo
Student's creation
Safiyah & Adibah
Sylvia & Patricia
Besides of the weather that was extremely hot, all went smooth. I had mother and daughter (Sylvia & Pat), Shy, lecturer from JB, 2 students from UPM Safiyah & Adiba, 2 sisters; Hoi Yan & Rachel and Yvonne orang kuat from Kaka Market.

They are all doing fine for first timer...I always feel grateful for be able to held this workshop; venue where I be able to meet all the wonderful people. They had inspired me with their passion and the enthusiastic they shown was such an encouragement and each of their character added so much spices to my life. It was such a fulfilling moment.


RIP Larry:)

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