Monday, June 27, 2011

LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop 7

It's been such a lovely day to know everyone better and looking at their enthusiastic learning the skill really make me proud... confuse still some of them but I am glad they have managed to finish up all the exercise given. Practice will make their skill perfect.

Top: muka orang tengah lapar..
Bottom: Aena serious face
Right: see the wooden tortoise Jaszmyn
My workshop at PIECES was such a memorable session, not so easy for me at the beginning when I am over worried surrounded by precious furniture pieces and using people's space. A bit chaotic when the food has been delivered late, with road block heading to workshop venue..ha ha ha. Other than that I am so lucky to get to know 3 Angels from PIECES that been so kind letting me; a total stranger offering their beautiful space.

Beautiful creation of Pooi 
Top: Penny &  Khai Rue
Bottom: Coptic Binding
I met with 6 wonderful students - all girls..with different background:
1) Penny - IT developer & part time graphic design student
2) Jaszmyn Leong - mother to newly born beautiful sophea, handling branding related for well known property developer
3) Khai Rue - Sweet girl from Batu Pahat, just graduate from KBU
4) Aena - Business Student
5) Pei Chee - self empoyed
6) Pooi Fong - working in audit field

Workshop 7 at PIECES

I had a great weekends...fulfilling one..I hope you have a great time too. My week will be busy with one meeting, crafting and preparing myself for Surprise Craft Bazaar at Sunway this Saturday. Say hi if you are around... Do take care:)

Biggggg  hugssssssss //syam

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