Thursday, June 09, 2011

Glowing Nourishment Lamp Made From Plastic Bottles by Carolyn Joan Lau

Carolyn used to attend my book binding workshop. She's lanscape architect and a great light designer. I always thought she's a genius magician that turned wastage to become precious creations such as bag, jewelry etc. So this is her story:

Designer Carolyn Joan Lau uses materials produced by her own kitchen -- her family's center of nurturing and nourishment and the source of the most household waste. The Nourishment Floor Lamps are made of yakult bottles and plastic ties. The plastic bottles are kept in their original form but perforated at their ends and simply assembled with the ties. The effect achieved is a soft diffused glowing sculpture. The plastic bottles will eventually degrade, but as a lampshade the beauty of the material can be experienced and viewed long after its contents have been drunk. Instead of being buried immediately in a landfill, the ephemeral quality of the material is illuminated and appreciated, encouraging us to think about how we consume. The simplicity of the lamp is such that it can be made out of any suitable plastic container that allows for clean perforations and some translucency.

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nutritiously awesome lamp:)

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