Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Happy Tuesday

Keeping myself busy with craft work to be passed to Nirwana under MyGlassCubicle for Art for Grabs...Been quite disappointed at the beginning of not getting individual spot, not so sure what went wrong but I supposed God had better plan to me. I am going to Terengganu for an exciting event job from Friday and will be back to KL probably by Sunday or Monday. Going to be at Terrapuri, Setiu for event deco job..

Here I would like to share simple book that I produced for Art for Grabs available at MyGlass Cubicle Spot. Say hi to Nirwana & Dura and grab my creations there:)

Available at Art for Grabs for RM23 
Just a simple PU Leather Note Book/RM23. 

The round colourful decor was randomly arrange, so one note book to another will be different interm of position and colour, same goes to the metal charm on the middle of cover; flower fish, inspire, leaf etc, the cotton cord are in different colour too finishing with 4 metal corner on every cover edge.

An Inspirational quote on the first page, 80 page double sided using 4 different quality paper and colour.

Terrapuri (The Land Of Palaces) is a conservation and restoration project of Terengganu Malay Classic house. Its feature 29 antique hundred years old Classic Houses. The layout of the resort is inspired by the 17th century Terengganu Palace and its surrounding. Terrapuri consists of 20 exclusive restored villas, a Spa, a Malay fine dining restaurant, a private dinning villa, a gallery and a beach house.

Terrapuri sits on the land flanked by the South China Sea on one side and mangrove river on the other (Setiu Wetland).

My friend Safinaz from MayaPuri was awarded a deco job for a prestige event and I am so glad she got it based on good reputation and work well done that she continuously produced over the years. Someone prominent noticed it, and after gone through few proposal and presentation here we come to Terengganu to do the deco. Will share more photos soon.

So you guys nothing is impossible in the world, we need to strive our very best and continuously producing excellence work and being genuine with what we are doing. The rest will fall in place eventually, sooner and later...I am so +happy for her.

I will participate on Supplies Surprise! Bazaar, 
 2 July 2011 (Sat) 12pm-7pm 
Click HERE for full adress and map. 

I am not sure what to sell but things that have in mind will price within 50 cents to RM2.00. I participate just for fun of it and I think I will spend, spend and spend on that day. So join me there:)

My Little Syam Etsy Shop are almost ready and by end of  next week you could find me on etsy. Will be uploading pictures real soon when I'm coming back from Terengganu. I had set up the shop on year 2006 but I have problem to configure how's paypal works...I am a total buta IT person.  Since then the time flies and to make the story short now on year 2011 I am finally managed to reopen my shop at Etsy again. You will find LittleSyam silkscreen products, painting, bags, dolltopias and many many more. I am so excited about offering my products to a bigger audience:) 

...So stay tuned for this. 

//have a fabulous day//syam

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