Sunday, May 01, 2011

What a Nice Day:)

I was participated in Etsy Crafter Market 3 yesterday, and I really enjoy it. It was such a relaxing outdoor spot with mixture type of crowds. Met up with many, many, many nice & wonderful people. We are setting up our booth along with Dura & Nirwana from My Glass Cubicle, Gigi Gee & Dija.
Baby Jasper, adopted Duckie for his 1st birthday with mommy,  Beii Tan Li Voon from The Handmade Movement
Gigi Gee, Polymer Clay Jewelry Designer
Some of my painting for sale
Leia, Christine daughter also adopted Duckie :)
Many familiar faces turn up from my workshop, facebook, visitors that came all the way to book the seat for my upcoming book binding workshop & people that follow my blog. I felt so touch; Thank You So Much from bottom of my heart. I do enjoyed every moment to be able to interact, introducing my creation and sharing my passion with people.

Top; Emie & Katrina, talented jewelry designer
Below; Our booth

Thanks to all & Have a Wonderful Day:) //syam

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