Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hello There:)

At last I got myself a new card reader..A few photos to share here....Last few days has been a day that I feel like doing nothing, I am being such a lazy, laying down make myself occupied by reading some romantic novel..LOL... 

I am not sure if you believe in this blues thingy... but for sure I can't drag myself too long, got to come out from this grief....looking at many works needed to be settled. I am so looking forwards for my book binding workshop, excited to meet up with new people, make new friend..exchanging view does make my mind stimulate...
Experimenting with leather cover...gonna produce more. this is such a long delay project for someone.
Comission job: 25 pcs packaging for jewelry. 
I am using 5 types of fabric for outer and velvety effect fabric for inside to protect the jewelry from scratch.
Next week gonna be a busy week for me; preparing materials, finalise menu, fine metal class, visiting potential new place for book binding workshop (I am sooo excited about this), creative indulgence with Lina & book binding workshop 6 on Sat and Sun.

 I am joining a class on fine metal lesson next week. Something that I always wanted to explore...and one in my wish list, something that I need to do:) will share more soon...
I am experimenting with colours. This is for photo album cover proposal. 
Dotted element like an aboriginal art for photo album, Australia version.
Will post the final output soon.
I have a great week, keeping myself busy and welcome to the other new week..Don't you think time really flies.. I am so afraid, I have stop counting the day, hard for me to catch or speed myself to ensure I keep up with everything, I just gonna embrace and enjoy whatever comes... ppheeewww

Take care folk...Loads of love//syam


Anonymous said...


yang leather tu, cantik gila. :)

Little Syam said...

thanks for your comment:)