Wednesday, May 25, 2011

June Bookbinding Workshop

Yeaaayyyy I have the date and venue for June book Binding Workshop 7. For the first time I am going to bring my workshop to this lovely place PIECES. I have published some hint on my previous article about the place, so do check it here..will post more pictures if I had an opportunity on my next visit ...very very exciting place and charming. I am sure you will like it too... Learning book binding skill there will be a very interesting experience.

Click here for further info and how to register:)
You could register directly to me or, you could also register through PIECES. 
Email or call them at 03 2110029 (Nana/Joanne).


Have you ever need to make a decision in a very short period? Then if you commit to it you need to change a way of doing and thinking for 360 degree? It's been one year this month since I quit my design manager position. Since then, I had the best quality of life, been doing something that I truly passionate about, working with so many wonderful people and quit my job has been the best decision I ever made. 

Now I need to make a decision again. I've been comfortable with this one year experience. Honeymoon was over, I got to pull myself back to reality and it is about time to shoulder a responsibility in order to make an impact. .  I am on a crossroads again. Wish me luck..


Mescrap said...

You are creative, passionate, dedicated, hardworking and independent. Believe in you.

Little Syam said...

ohhhh, Lay Hoon thanks so much for your encouragement..I am so bless to be surrounded by people that believe in what I am doing and I had received tremendously support spiritual & physical from every direction..including you..thankssssss...muaah