Friday, April 08, 2011

Yeeeayyy...happy-happy happy

My illustration was featured on the front of CUTOUT magazine amongst other designer SYAM, Malaysia // Chris Lee, Singapore // Larry Peh, Singapore // Hoony, Korea // Julie Watai, Japan // Linda Le, USA // etc. I am not sure what coverage for inside content all about, but I know they are being generous and promoting me and my LittleSyam bookbinding workshop. I am so honoured and this really make my day. 

Get your issue soon available on may 2011 or you could subscribe this CUTOUT magazine every quarterly. I definitely going to get my copies..3 copies perhaps:) happy happy happy. Thanks V&J for your support.

My life is full of whimsical elements...small little thing, a story that I picked up along my journey..
they are my inspiration, my motivation that keeps me going.
 I am enjoying my new up myself for whatever possibilities life brings me to.. 
I am hoping my day will continuously filled with many colours..blend harmonious the way I like it to be:)

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