Wednesday, April 06, 2011

vintage illustration

I been keeping this book that I found from Pay for Less Book Store for many years. The 1958 classic example of perfect binding cover, letter press with nice illustration. I am attracted to the visual illustrated by famous legendary illustrator such as Lawrence Beall Smith, Leornard Weisgard, Susanne Suba, Herman B. Vestal etc. I almost forgot that I am having this book until Syamil pointed out on the recent Gulliver's Travels movie starring by Jack Black.... He said " Ibu, this movie was adapted from Gulliver in Lilliput, but the plot has been modernised"... wow I never expected that he could noticed it, and the word modernise that came out from him kind of amaze me...

Here I would like to share the illustration, strictly came from a visual person:) 

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Mescrap said...

Beautiful collections of book you have !!
Thanks for sharing it.