Saturday, April 16, 2011

LittleSyam Book Binding Workshop 5

I am so worried that rain has been pouring so heavily this morning...and I also worried if the students can't find their way to my home...and I am nervous if they will comfortable with my living room limited space, and if they are comfortable to sit on the stool...To know me someone that always worried with what happened if...

I met with batch of new students that have very interesting background, but have the same common passion towards art and craft. 6 participants this time, another 2 got to postponed to the next workshop because of last minute commitment that can't be avoided.
1) Christine Rowland
2) Boon
3) Cynthia
4) Kak Norzie
5) Vivian
6) Effa
7) Adrina - postponed
8) Cindy - postponed

Unfortunately I did not manage to take much photos.. maybe because I am worried too much...LOL
Will definitely share more photos tomorrow.

Arissa drew this...
huge women with huge teeth:)

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Evelin said...

cool! Looks like you've got nice cozy place for them! Wish I'm in THIS workshop! hehehe... hey, looks like my friends didn't make it this time? Hope they join next time then :)