Thursday, January 27, 2011

How sad...the workshop is over:(

busy with binding 
Photo session; Top photo: Carolyn,  Me,  Eve, Ana, Shuku, Zaklean & Agnes
I come to realise that this particular workshop was purely 1Malaysia. Different background with same common interest and passion. I will miss all this girls...Nothing that will make me proud than knowing that they continuously practising the skill they have learnt.. and extend it to another level. Hope the skill will benefit them somehow, some it does to me:) And it will definitely make Larry happy knowing that the legacy continued:)

Here are students that attending the workshop this time around:
  1. Shuku - Music teacher + Jeweler
  2. Carolyn - Landscape Architect
  3. Rebecca Lawrence - Painted Glass Artist
  4. Anastasia Lawrence - Art Teacher
  5. Eve Tee - Crafter
  6. Shuku - Choir/Music Teacher
  7. Zaklean - An Entrepreneur
Get ready for photo session 
Their creation was sooooo beautiful; Carolyn, Shuku & Rebecca
Eve, Agnes & Ana
Snack for afternoon tea - Telur burung puyuh pie:)
Obviously I had a good+fun session and hope to see them again in the future...
love xoxo//syam


Evelin said...

babe! I'm so sad that the workshop is over too! sobs! I miss you already! :(
We meet up for coffee or tea, k? :) Please don't meet only during AFG :P

Shuku said...

Syam! You put me twice in the attendance list, it should be Agnes. And I've finished that binding! I made sure it was very neat (except I tore two signatures, so I just used two less. :P ) I haven't decided how to do the cover yet, but I'll photograph it when I do!

Little Syam said...

Eve: Sure will meet again but in different situation lor...

Shuku: I realised that your name typed twice, memang my first post always tunggang langgang, and I usually read again, and edit, and read and edit, added picture....LOL

Paper koyak? that's happened to me too even till now, you should hide it in the middle of other signature..need to do swop, and swop..ha haha.. when you tarik the thread too tight, it means you in stress situation, slow and steady, loosen a bit ok..