Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy happy day:)

Sewing and drilling session
Time flies super fast today...and my LittleSyam Workshop 3 went well so far. Another day to go. Attended by 7 girls this time ..

and as usual I am so happy being out from the house, and I am so looking forwards to share the knowledge with this 7 students that eagerly interested to learn the skill. 
Carolyn borong the ribbon for her upcoming project
During lunch time we all went for a short field trip to that I considered a material heaven for book binder like me and it is close to my house...There are many shops I wanna show them like paper shop..glue shop... and the auntie that make a bag from recycle fabric..but the 1 and half hours just not enough.. We all went mad with so many things. But unfortunately need to rush back, beat the time to learn the second binding technique, Kettle Stitch Binding for afternoon session.

Trip to Pudu..Thanks Zaklean to drive us...
We had a nice caramel cake for afternoon break, Shereen baked and personally deliver it to the studio....I forgot to capture her Caramel Cake...and it's all safe in our tummy:P

Meet up with this all nice people make me looking forwards for another day tomorrow... My day felt shorter. In a way we all had the same common passion.. Good that the workshop could unite them under one roof.

P/s will share more photos stay tuned:)

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