Thursday, January 06, 2011


Looking at Uniquez Bazaar on Sat and Sun..nothing much can I share here..Wont be able to do much craft this few days due to deadline of design need to be done urgently. I can't share picture here because it is highly confidential document need to be presented to Prime Minister on Friday Afternoon.

I have a number of thing queue need my attention:
  • Consignment order from Penang and that will make me very very very busy.
  • Illustration job for children book also need my attention, but no deadline for this so I will have to make a research first (collaboration with my writer friend Beatrice). 
  • January I hope to have one book binding workshop where I still looking for a suitable venue, which most probably going to be at Bangsar..I won't be able to announce the venue and date stay tune ya..
  • At the mean time I almost finish my graphic job, a note book cum planner for my Terengganu client.
  • Planner for Glam Street need to redo..Client wanted the harder cover..Just got my metal ring yesterday. Will start doing it on Monday.
  • Hand bound books for 12 x A5 size for 12 month journal.

Pheeewww now I can move creating my art & craft and I only have one day before the Bazaar...Try to focus, creating one two new dolls...and handbound books. Lucky that I've created new products like tote bag and t'shirt...not much.. but still...

So folk I hope to see you there to support all indie crafter. This is my first time there..hope to share more stories, after the first day...Till then



Shuku said...

Hello! I met you at the last Art for Grabs for last year in December - I was one of the girls in the jewellery store next to LAssi. :) I'm definitely looking forward to hearing more about venue and time for the workshops! Will it be a weekday? (unfortunately, I teach weekends so my only free days are Wednesday and half of Thursday for now.)

Little Syam said...

I will have one on 26 & 27 jan.. Most probably venue at Desa Pandan...will anounce properly soon ya. Thanks..