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Hello There:)

It's been  a week I have not posted anything. Life kind of hectic at this moment...with so much things in hand and certain thing just came unexpectedly and need to be squeezed into limited time I have. Whooooaaa sound like adrenaline rush, brain ticking faster, many things need to catch up... but I enjoying the ride I had at this moment.

Here I would like to share some photos from 1nita raya event and grooming workshop, I've attended... Enjoy:)

WHAT IS 1nita?
1nita aims to empower women in achieving long-term business success by taking advantage of technological developments and the Internet.

Project 1nita is an e-business platform strictly for women-led SMEs and entrepreneurs to enhance their capabilities and skills in ICT while providing them with a platform to conduct business online. This e-business enablement programme will help women-owned business organisations make their products and services accessible to a larger market and expand their customer reach.

So, if you are a woman entrepreneur of a small to medium enterprise (SME) seeking opportunities to expand your business online to reach more customers,you’ve come to the right place. Project 1nita is the best platform for you.

And best of all, participation is free.


7 OCTOBER 2010
My participation in 1nita  started about 5 months ago, right after I quitted my job. The scenario was like seperti orang mengantuk di sorongkan bantal. I got my for free. For a new business to have our own ULR address and for FREE is an ideal situation. I need to be seen as profesional. I used wordpress as a platform, I wish I could make something better but I got to satisfied with whatever I had for the time being. The function of is to introduce services or products I offering and they could contact me should they interested to use my services or purchasing my products. dot(.)mydomainregistry has arranged a workshop to guide a participant in basic IT knowledge. Furthermore 1nita community could also advertise in website. It is like a virtual shop. What I can say is 1nita initiative has became one of my marketing tool.

On 8 october 2010 dot(.)mydomainregistry has invited 1nita community/participant to a networking session vs raya gathering in Renaissance Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I felt honoured to be invited on stage to share experiences and at the same time promoting my business...To a certain extend I am not so sure what I mumbling about...I have problem of performance anxiety....stage fright but as must go on:) Lina, Safinaz and Kak Long was there to give a moral support...

8 OCTOBER 2010 (DAY 1)

1nita Bizwomen Grooming Workshop
Venue: Puri Pujangga Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia



Consultant: Puan Siti Sahlah Ibrahim– Lion Groups

The way how you speak and deliver your points of view is important to ensure effective presentations of products and services, negotiations and business dealings. The module will highlight the strategies in effective business communication and understanding your clients. It will also assists participants to develop confident and strengthen your communication skills. Participants will be asked to present their products and services online and also need to prepare some questions to ask in dialog with the industrial player in the afternoon  
Feedback: Participant need to introduce themselves and explain the detail of businesses we are doing. This session make us more confident to speak infront of bigger audience. Some of the story from participant that have a different background really has touched my heart. My journey maybe not as difficult as others.. but it make me look at life at different point of view. Puan Sahlah the consultant make us feel easy with each other...

Omar Khalid, Managing Director, Tanjung Offshore

Visit to Tanjung Offshore Bhd No 8-3 Jalan Puncak Setiawangsa 4, Taman Setiawangsa Kuala Lumpur a public  listed company. The Managing Director En Omar Khalid will give motivation talk and tips on developing your business and preparing for the challenges in business. Participants are encouraged to pose questions during the dialog. 
Feedback: I was inspired to have this sharing session with someone successful in his business territory. He had shared the life experiences he been through in order to be at the position he had now. I admire his courage in achieving his dream and he had take some risk in life and being knowledgeable and passionate in whatever we do is always an essential. pheeewww..thanks god! I am in the right track:)

Networking session and get to know each other while enjoying our dinner and performance.

Restaurant Seri Melayu, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur

9 OCTOBER 2010 (DAY 2)

Consultant: Dato Capt  Jaffar Lamri: Board of Directors  Global Carriers Sdn Bhd 
Understanding the demand and supply concept and managing change for online entrepreneurs. Participants will assess the  impact on products, services and staff in their  business expansion plan and strategies. 
Feedback: It is important to understand your business and recognise your audience so you could plan head , capturing opportunity, understand market needs in order to sustain and expand.

Consultant: En Jamil Sulaiman- Consultant for GEMS Khazanah Nasional Sdn Bhd 
Participants will be exposed to the  tools and techniques applied in solving problems and making business decision. Simulation and case studies for the participants to firstly identify business problems and resolve them  with effective problem solving strategies and tools.  Participants are encourage to use their own business as scenario as the case to discuss using SWOT analysis.
Participants will be introduced to the chacteristics of team building and advantages of collaboration and joint venture mission. They need to identify barriers to their  team’s communication process and practice strategies for giving and receiving feedback in order to improve team communication, conflicts if any for business expansion and plans. The participants will discover their leadership quality as well. 
Feedback: Important to identify and analyse the root caused of any business problem. Some problem could also be an opportunity on certain situation.


10 OCTOBER 2010 (DAY 3)

Consultant: Pn Rose Rauf 
Participants will be introduced to branding of products and customer relations. How your products and services will be branded and known via the  effective use of media.  Building  your business reputation and strategies in product branding, promotions and sales.
Feedback: I learnt some tips especially in PR & customer service, sometimes it is ok to blow your trumpet.

Consultant: Liza Hanim, Artist and Singer 

The art of makeup for day and night  and the proper dressing for functions and workplace. Various style of tudung for functions and looking professional for your business and career. Liza Hanim are also gave tips on how to deal and response with media

Feedback: Importance to feel comfortable with yourself and being knowledgeable and passionate of what you are doing.


Conclusion: I've meet up a new friends, gain lots of knowledge and getting tips & networking from this workshop. Perhaps I could use it somehow in my business. 
Till We Meet Again Folk:)


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