Saturday, October 02, 2010

Book Binding Workshop 2&3 October 2010 (first day)

Day 1

Interesting students I have for workshop this time:
Desmond designer / very creative
May designer / cute... A+ student
Christene very energetic lawyer vs mommy
Masnihan IT coach / cikgu IT that come along the way from Kuala Lipis
Lay Hoon Quantity Surveyor / Art Journaler. She attended the first workshop but missed the first  session..good to have her around.
student at work
Even the number of students not many this time, but I am happy to have them around. I prefer to have it at place where everything is ready... but since the space are available for use and very close to my home so why not and I just give a try but taking care the food side and facility and teaching at the same time is not my forte, but by help from hot chick everything went smoothly. (how can I do without you Gigi..thanksssss). Students seems to catch the lesson quite fast probably 2 of them are from design background.

Didn't have much shot to share today but I try to capture more pictures of 2nd day workshop. 
Till then:)


Mescrap said...

Thank you Syam.
I enjoy the class so much.
Spacious place, delicious food, warm weather, darling teacher. Everything is just perfect.

Thank you Syam & Gigi for the encouragement given to me. And also the quote that reminded me "Life is too short !!" from Christene.

allthingspurple said...

It was great meeting new people.I like to echo the good food and nice lofty looking studio and our wonderful teacher! That's what makes it more enjoyable. I think hot-chick is relieved my 2 imps didn't attend the workshop with me like originally planned *grin* Yup, Lay Hoon, live life and love life, yea? *wink*

Little Syam said...

Thanks to both of you.

It was my pleasure meet up with people that so passionate on hand made thingy. Having a students besides art & design student, what fascinate me most..

You both are so talented in your own way.

allthingspurple said...

Syam, Ilurked by these blogs a lot and I think you will love them too, if you haven't been a regular there already. Must share with u since I know you love journaling stuffs.

I just love Donna downey's expressions !