Monday, October 04, 2010

Book Binding Workshop 2&3 October 2010 (2nd day)

Group photo session, Christene busy making hole, May focusing on her coptic binding

beautiful final creation from May, Christene and Desmond
A very pleasant day, everything went smoothly... Not gonna happened without help from Gigi. Thanks dear:)....

Student picked up coptic binding lesson with slight confusion at the beginning..but time is quite long for the 2nd day where they keep practising till late noon. It is amazing looking at them with totally different profession background, learning this new skill with full of passion.

Yeaaay...mission has been accomplished!


allthingspurple said...

All thanks to a warm hearted teacher who imparts her skills with much passion and patience!! I thoroughly enjoyed the class, the comaderie of fellow learners and would want to come back for more enhancement classes later, maybe do learn to do stuff with bead, buttons, folds and other embellishment? I promise I won't go too rough on the poor little hand-saw on the next class *grin*

Little Syam said...

You are welcome, dear. It felt good to be able to share the knowledge..especially with people like you that have high appreciation on small little things...Thanks to you too:)