Sunday, August 20, 2017

JUNE 2017

Went for a Plant Colours Workshop by My Cup of Tea Time which is really exciting. Brought along Arissa, Syamil and Tasha. Very exciting to see the process of making a natural colours from flower mostly. Very interesting how nature can be so beautiful with unpredictable brilliant result.

Silkscreen Printing on Raya Card..when you want to slow down but there are always an exciting job knocking the door. Collaboration project with Antalis, I don't do much design job nowadays but when it involved craft design, I definitely can't resist to accept so that I can experimenting. Get to know them through my workshop at Kinokuniya. They interested in my illustration style and asking if I am interested to do a collaboration on Raya's card and angpow packet. I am please with the result.

I do not take many job during Ramadan, but seemed my weekend mostly fully occupied. This is Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop at Setia Eco Glades.

I received two invitation to held a Raya workshop at Publika. This year I need to decline the invitation from Publika and only did two workshop with Big Independent grocer. Teaching quilling card raya & ketupat. Just 2-3 hours session, and the feedback was overwhelming.

Excited to receive the actual printed version of raya card and angpow packet collaboration with Antalis.

When I had long day of book binding, I always take a break by doing silkscreen printing. I love the unexpected result and never plan what I am going to do, just drown and embrace the process with no guideline. It's so satisfying:)

Fathers Day'sa Workshop at Setia Alam Club.

I love this two to the moon and back. Very difficult to capture a decent photo of them both. They have grown up with a totally different and very strong character. I just wish them to be happy and I will support whatever path they going to choose.

Last Job before raya. These are job from famous baker Mrs Pink Spatula / Kak Nur. Job task to compile her 3 of Victoria Classics's magazines into one booklet. After all the adjustment this was the result, and she quite happy with the outcome.

Back to my happy home for raya.

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