Monday, August 21, 2017

JULY 2017

 Had enough of meat during raya.

Back to Gemas to nursing dad. Continue practising my centipede stitching and it was so addictive. Dad feet got wound due to his diabetes. Brought him to clinic and took care of his wound, but he was so stubborn and never take care of his diet. I made him promise to eat his medicine on time. I knew now where my stubbornness came from:P

Back to KL with many pending job plus the preparation for Jesselton Artisan Market on 22nd & 23rd July at Kota Kinabalu. Will be having two slots of workshop too, DIY notebook & Coptic Stitch.

Squeeze my time to help the architect firm to compile an architecture portfolio for an exhibition using Japanese Stitch.

Will be having 2 slots of workshop in Petrosains, KLCC tentatively on 02 & 16 November with a very minimal cost. Stay tune.

I am so glad that the cafe; Soul Sac been open just a few doors from my studio. I love the ambience and the food, so nice as a hidden place where I can do lots of thinking and reflect.

Breakfast at home. Arissa said the last pancake I made for her was like 5 years ago. Oh dear where all the time has gone????

 Syawal was not over. Went for open house at Layli place.

Having open studio for raya and invited close friend. It was nice to have all the peoples that have been giving so much support through out my career and life. There are many more and I wish I could invite everyone but...

 Last minute request to create an elephant book using Japanese Stitch.

Coptic binding job for The Alphabet Press.

I found a chapati place at Jalan Haji Eusoff, where most of the people came is a Punjabi, gem discovery.

 Making more books for Jesselton Artisan Market on 22nd & 23rd July at Kota Kinabalu.

This client contacted me end of last year to go through his collection of books, perhaps I could help him to enhance the aesthetic, plus restore some of the soft cover and create a new design on hard cover. More like restoration but on new book. What a strange request but I have a good impression of him still a little bit scared of his high expectation. Doing his job in-between many of my others job like a breakaway from monotonous. This is the first book I made for him on fabric cover with silkscreen printing of gold ink. Not the job where I gain profit but I appreciate the process to be able to experimenting on different medium.. I am not sure where this going to lead me, but the experience at the end of it will be priceless.

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