Monday, May 15, 2017

Typical day of Little Syam

Blackie the cat. 


Stock for Penang and Langkawi

Silkscreen printing progress.

Always nice to see someone to say hi at the event I've been involved. This is Jenna and her family:)

My happiness:)

There are so many things need to be done before my trip to Penang. Looking through the list to do that not moving in the pipeline is so painful. I had refused a few jobs, to give myself a little pause and break. This coming Ramadan going to be less busy compare to last year. I just accepted less workshops and not going to work on every weekend. Will have Ramadan workshop with BIG Publika, Setia Alam Club for fathers day and my usual SKC workshop at Setia Eco Glades. There are few pending jobs need to start doing.

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