Friday, April 28, 2017

The Art of Acceptance

Most of the time, we must accept life on its terms because life has a way of unfolding. Its just the way it is, not as we will, but as it will. When events transpire that are beyond our control, we have an option: we can either learn the art of acceptance, or we can struggle miserably try to change the fate.

I live my life believing there are always a reason for things that happened. I just have to embrace every beauty, condition and situation encountered. I promise to give more, do at least one kindness every single day. Doesn't matter how small the kindness is because happiness is not something physical but more on what is inside and I realise it's transpired only by giving.

Life is the strangest things, mysterious and unexpected. You bumped into stranger and you felt connected by the empathy or probably the concern shown. We may live with the same person the rest of our life but the connection is almost not exist.

Acceptance is so liberating... I fight so many pointless battles and in the process have lost my way. I've forgotten what's important and as a consequence I waste time and energy. But now I have come to the point to accept and be able to let go. Life is great and will always be great.

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