Sunday, April 09, 2017

2017 & Perhaps

How time flies, and I am feeling numb, feel a little melancholy and I have stop chasing. I am not post anything for such a long time except for my workshop schedule, perhaps I am losing words.


Life as a book maker/crafter was like a full circle, I keep doing and never know the ending. I don't have any projection on what my future likes, or what direction I should heading to. I am not and never a someone that so ambitious at the very beginning. I don't have specific target what I should achieve. Not that I do not achieve anything but maybe the way I see things are different. I always working hard and love my job, and I know that life going to be alright. It's more than I can hope for and I always being blessed and for that I can never thank enough to the creator and will always feel grateful.

I bump to many opportunities, meet people that always trust me. I always reward myself, but yet there are always an emptiness, something that I still longing for, and I have no clue what it was. Perhaps life is all about soul searching. I will keep going, keep looking and won't settle.


There are so many test I need to go through this month despite of my hectic schedule, a few bumping road I have to pass by. Perhaps when I know the answer, only then I will feel a little bit settle. Perhaps this is the most abstract thing I use to write. Hopefully tomorrow will be much brighter.

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