Friday, February 13, 2015

Hello Busy Day!

Time seems flies, and February are saying hello! It's been such a busy day with  work and adjusting myself working from studio. Starting an early day fighting for parking space…

Life been treating me well, with incoming and constant job. I am blessed that be able to wake up doing things I passionate about.

I love looking at the morning light… such a serene.
This has encouraged me to come early to work so I could witness this beauty.

Plant that mom gave me looking pretty happy.

I am taking a slow step, and to feel this space like home is what important.

I am having my very first workshop finally.. just with a few people,
having two slots for the start with Emily, Julia & Bridget.

Yeaaayyy with book they had created.

Blackie the cat.

I purchased a few wooden boxes from Norlie, all are fully utilised:)

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