Friday, February 13, 2015

Custom Order

Restoration job done for a small bible.
Melinda contacted me through email asking if I could help to restore
a very old bible for her Singaporean friend.
The bible was in such a very fragile state.

I had removed the original cover and replace with semi gloss genuine leather.
Antique metal book corners has been added on for further protection.
The cover are made slightly bigger to protect the inside pages.
I had cleaned up the spine area, and remove the head band / tail band and replace with new one.
Muslin fabric had beed added to secure the inside spine.
Textured paper was added in on first & last page by taking a consideration of the overall look.

I personally found this job quite challenging and very interesting:)
But it feels really good be able to give a new life to the bible and
to have someone trust my judgement in handling their precious is
just unbelievable wonderful.

A guest book for Saqib & Azhani

Custom order requested from Dr Sajar to be given to her teacher from undergraduate and
has now turned to be her colleague in the same uni.

I had constant order from my etsy and the request really been occupied a lot of my time.

More Our Adventure Book

Interesting job came from the random stranger that contacted me requesting for the assistance to beautify the existing kitab. He wanted the new look, up lifting the cover with the same content, so the kitab will look  presentable to be given to higher rank people or any vip.

Client wanted a leather book at the beginning, but after the discussion, considering the constraint and budget, he decided to compromise for something more realistic.

  I had redesigned the cover and transfer the graphic into 30 covers using linen fabric and the balance 10 using a brown suede … Very meticulous job and consumed quite a lot of my time, but I am very please with the outcome, and to  be able to deliver it on time was always a bonus:)

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