Thursday, October 16, 2014

LAPAN Showcase at The Stage, Wolo Hotel:)

The day had finally arrived.. I never been proud than this. This Krafest make my relationship with Sweii & Lina becoming much closer. What a wonderful journey we had been through together, and I will treasure this precious moment always.

The Krafest will be end this Sunday and please dropby if you have time. This showcase was an effort of love, full of passion and drive with hardworking.

I extremely felt so relief after the opening, ignore the hiccup and imperfection. The fact is I am so proud that I had done this with in a very tight schedule. There are always room for improvement. This is just a beginning for something that much bigger.

I am feeling so overwhelming by the support and trust given by brand consultant (VERSO&RECTO) that believe in our ability and opportunity laid down by property owner Empire Group.

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