Thursday, October 16, 2014

Good News

DATE: August 2014

While in Penang, I received a phone call from Angel, my old friend asking if I am interested to have my showcase at WOLO Hotel…. WHATTTT???? Having a showcase is always a dream come true, and it was in a list need to achieve and having LAPAN with me for the showcase meaning that everything is possible. The invited us to check the space and the showcase to be schedule in November…

Phewww with few things in pipeline I should discuss this with LAPAN, but yessss I am excited with the idea, it just the matter how to manage everything.

Trip to Penang was like a break, and I know when I am in KL my brain will not stop thinking and I am physically is not stop working. It is my own choice:)

Ramadhan is the time having my quality time to create more stock, experimenting, making fews custom orders. Cooking & gardening is something that I enjoy very much.

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