Saturday, May 31, 2014

Paper Beads Workshop at Setia Eco Park

I do not realise how fast the time has gone by. And it's time to have another children workshop at Setia Eco Park. I don't have much picture to capture…been too busy having 20 kids, the highest number so far…All girls busy making their own paper beads and they will make pair of earring, bracelet, and necklace. Same cute faces coming and also few new faces…

I am amaze with different character I met. Paper beads train the motor skill of kids, and they will be better by keep doing it. Some kids are creative enough, being meticulous, thinking out of the box and I just enjoy every experience I had, which I think I learn from them too. What a great day I had:)

Kiera, she always come early:) She progressing very well and have high confident in her craft.
Posing with her creation:)
Johanna & Sophie, sisters, regular participant:)
Kiki & her dad, good for the bonding:) Also one of the regular.
They coming a bit late… but they manage to complete with their mom help,
both are so cute, I can't resist to take photo with them:)
Yong 1 & 2, sisters.. The Yong senior are super meticulous.. She create beads lika a pro:)

Kiki and her creation:)

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