Saturday, May 31, 2014

Life is happy busy:)

Life been so busy, I am rushing out to complete few products before Ramadhan. I have not post any story and picture from my instagram will tell the story of my daily life activities .

This is paper mache that the kid will learn during the school holiday art workshop 3, 6 & 7 June.
One from 3 products they will learn.. 

I have few orders for our adventure book to complete:)
This one for Rya from UK, This book are made for her newborn baby Russell.
She will document all the adventure and will be given to him when he's 18 years old.
Very thoughtful:) I normally got order for a wedding, but this is extra special:)
Experimenting with coptic… very challenging and interesting.
It was like making it to a different level.

I experimenting with arabic letter for my Islamic Art Museum exhibition.
I am glad to be invited for the second time for their International Museum Open Day.

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