Sunday, January 19, 2014

Busy Day:)

Try to be as productive as I can, but the truth was I am sometimes had my lazy day too. Bed seems so inviting and I can just day dreaming and doing nothing.

When I do have custom order I do look closer to deadline. That's my total adrenaline rush, but looking at number of things I produced, I can consider myself as someone quite productive even though there are much better way to do stuff, but I rather to do what I can and not force myself too much.

I received the phone call one day after I came back requesting an assistant to create a proposal document.
Client had passed me nice wall paper to be used for cover.
Miss Dish 
Mr Spoon
I've been working with Jokee from time to time basis whenever she need help with goodies for her birthday party she managed.

This eco notebook to be sent to Penang on 22 January.
I am making another trip again with the rest of gang:) Excited!
Keychain to be sent too:)
Passport holder I managed to finish. One sold, one reserved, so only going to bring three to Penang:)
The detailing of Passport Holder
Silkscreen for book cover
One from 8 series of postcard I managed to do

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